Context delivers cutting edge alternative investment strategies so investors can seek to reach their financial goals and plan their future

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Plan Your Future

We are investors because we are optimistic about the future. At Context, we work with our clients, their intermediaries to produce positive outcomes. Whether saving for retirement, paying for college, we are committed to helping our clients seek to reach their goals and plan their future.

Connect to New Opportunities

Our innovative solutions give investors access to cutting edge alternative investment strategies with the ease and simplicity of traditional asset investing. By combining the low correlation and low volatility of hedge fund strategies with the transparency and liquidity of traditional mutual funds, we are creating a new investment opportunity – Alternative Mutual Funds. We currently offer products that provide our clients access to managers with exceptional talent and strategies. In doing so, we are connecting investors to successful hedge fund managers they would otherwise not be able to access. In turn, we are connecting hedge fund managers to an entirely new type of investor.

Alternative Mutual Funds

Alternative mutual funds play an important role in portfolio management because they are designed to produce efficient, risk-adjusted returns and they present an opportunity to increase portfolio diversification. Their strategies are targeted to seek a lower correlation to the equity or fixed income markets which can decrease portfolio volatility. Because they are regulated, open-end mutual funds, they may help mitigate risk by offering daily pricing, daily liquidity, transparent reporting and third-party custody of assets. We believe alternative mutual funds can play an important role in helping investors reach their goals.

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Andrew Dudley
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