Our philosophy sets the tone for our day-to-day actions. It is so important that we created our logo, 4 interconnected Cs, to remind us that Context is committed to connecting our clients through creative solutions.


Context is critical. To be actionable, knowledge must be understood in context. Good judgment relies on an assessment of the facts and insight into their significance to make effective decisions. Context combines in-depth knowledge with experienced judgment to create exceptional investment solutions.


Connections create opportunities. By combining alternative investment strategies with the transparency and liquidity of traditional mutual funds we are connecting our investors with elite hedge fund managers they would otherwise not be able to access. In turn, we are connecting hedge fund managers with an entirely new type of investor.


Creativity drives thoughtful innovation. Individually and as a team, we are entrepreneurs and results-driven innovators. We have a history of inventing products and services that can materially improve our customers’ experience and results. Our clients benefit from our ability to see what lies on the horizon and act accordingly.


Commitment motivates us to perform. We practice open communication and continually reevaluate our research to ensure we are on track to achieve exceptional results. By systematically sharing intelligence, we increase the scope of our vision and help fill the blind spots that one person, one outlook or one discipline alone could not have.