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Context Macro Opportunities Fund (CMOTX)

Granite Peak Asset Management, Interview Summits West 2017

Andrew Dudley, Context Strategic Global Equity Fund - FUND FOCUS

Andrew Dudley, Context Macro Opportunities Fund - FUND FOCUS

Mark Alexandridis, First Principals Capital Management

John Culbertson, President and CIO

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Our investment products are
designed to provide:

Positive return

return Streams

Low Correlation to Risk assets in times of stress

Our vision is to create investment products that provide return streams that are differentiated in that they have low correlation to risk assets in times of stress and provide positive return asymmetry. Through partnering with institutional managers we strive to create high quality funds that are used by sophisticated advisors in their client’s portfolios. We strive to create investment products that have differentiated return streams in that they have low correlation to risk assets in times of stress and provide positive return asymmetry.

The Funds

Context Macro Opportunities Fund

It pursues moderate absolute returns in normal market environments and outsized returns when risk assets significantly underperform.

Context Strategic Global Equity Fund

It pursues the benefits of Global Equities while protecting against significant drawdowns.

News & Insights


Family WealthReport Guest Article: Winter Is Coming, But Will Portfolios Be Ready? 08/2017


CGPGX Q416 Webinar Recap 04/2017

Follow the link to listen to CGPGX Portfolio Manager, Daken Vanderburg, CFA and Andrew Dudley recap the fourth quarter of 2016 in this webinar.

For the most recent quarterly performance and allocation information, please click here.


CMOTX Q416 Quarterly Webinar 03/2017

John Culbertson and Andy Dudley recap the 4th quarter of 2016 in this webinar.

Click here for the pdf to follow while listening.


Redefining the Multialternative Category 03/2017

When it comes to Mutual Fund classification Morningstar has done a reasonable job of building peer groups for long only strategies and even some Long/Short Strategies such as Long/Short Equity and Long/Short Credit. In our opinion, Morningstar has had a more difficult time classifying other types of alternatives.


CAM Announces Launch of CGPGX 01/2017

Context Asset Management, a provider of alternative mutual funds for retail and institutional clients, today announced the launch of
the Context Strategic Global Equity Fund (Institutional Shares: CGPGX).


Defining Alternative Success 06/2016

Jason Zweig’s cynical view of the investment world might be hyperbole for effect, but he raises a good point. Wall Street leans on the “hope” of an investing public, as investors seek “magic” in new investment products.


Resisting the Chase: Reimagining Liquidity and Diversification 08/2015

Mutual fund bond investors have reached an unwelcome crossroads. With interest rates at historic lows, they have spent much of their post-crisis existence cautiously ascending the risk ladder in search of yield. Over time, each step up has offered less compensation for incremental risk, but investors have been unwilling—or too fearful—to abandon their positions and sacrifice hard-sought, often meager, returns.