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Our Funds, Your Future

The circumstances that form the setting for an idea so that it can be fully understood
Democratizing hedge funds so you can seek to reach your financial goals
An innovative provider of alternative mutual funds

We are all investors because we are optimistic about the future. Whether saving for retirement, paying for college or traveling with friends and family, investors want to put their hard-earned money to work, to reach their goals, to build their future. However, in today’s uncertain and rapidly changing market conditions, volatility can lead to permanent loss of capital. How do we hedge against that risk? How do we decrease volatility while generating desired returns? The solution may be alternative mutual funds.

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Alternative mutual funds seek to combine the historically lower correlation and lower volatility of hedge fund strategies with the transparency and liquidity of traditional mutual funds. They can be important to portfolio management because they are designed to produce efficient, risk-adjusted returns and they present an opportunity to increase portfolio diversification. Because they are regulated, open-end mutual funds, they offer the benefits of daily pricing, daily liquidity, transparent reporting and third-party custody of assets.

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Context Asset Management is an innovative provider of alternative mutual funds for retail and institutional clients. Our objective is to provide investors access to cutting edge alternative investment strategies with the ease and simplicity of traditional asset investing. We offer a platform of alternative mutual funds, which may reduce the volatility in your portfolio and may help you generate the efficient, risk-adjusted returns you desire. Context’s management team, comprised of senior leaders with experience in investing, allocation and manager selection at traditional and alternative asset management firms, family offices and endowments, is committed to integrity, innovation and performance. Context’s alternative mutual funds can play an important role in helping investors plan the financial future they desire.

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